A Novo Connections Travel Dietitian: Meet Hannah Dunahoe (Part 1)


A Novo Connections Travel Dietitian: Meet Hannah Dunahoe (Part 1) 

In this blog, we sat down with Hannah Dunahoe, a travel dietitian, for a Question and Answer session about her journey. From multiple hospitals to remote health, she’s been there, and done that. How does she do it? What tips does she have for keeping it healthy during travel? If you are interested in learning more, then read part 1 of our Q&A session with Hannah to understand her background as a travel dietitian.

What is your background as a dietitian?

Prior to working for Novo Connections, I had about 4.5yrs clinical experience as well as most recently 2yrs remote health coaching experience.

What motivated you to pursue this path?

I was originally a different major and became very interested in nutrition and wellness. I enjoyed learning how to fuel your body with food and how nutrition can play a big part in preventing/managing disease. I personally talked to our campus dietitian and it showed me I could pursue nutrition as a career. I enjoy helping people improve their health using food and nutrition!

How many years of experience do you have?

I have 7 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian (RD).

What facilities have you worked in?

  • Nacogdoches Medical Center
  • CHI St. Luke’s Hospital Lufkin
  • Noom (Remote Health Coaching)
  • Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital Tyler (current)

What attracted you to becoming a travel dietitian?

I was looking for a job and wasn’t sure about jumping back into a full-time clinical dietitian job. I thought travel or contract work could be a great experience to make higher pay while experiencing different clinical locations for shorter durations. It would give me the flexibility to take breaks between contracts and move to different locations after my contract was over.

Interested in reading more? Check out Part 2 of our Q&A session with Hannah here. Learn about her experience with Novo Connections and how she handles the travel dietitian lifestyle.