A Novo Connections Travel Dietitian: Meet Hannah Dunahoe (Part 2)


A Novo Connections Travel Dietitian: Meet Hannah Dunahoe (Part 2) 

In this article, we follow up with Hannah Dunahoe for part 2 of our Q&A session. If you have not checked out Part 1 of the conversation, you can read about Hannah’s background here.

Below, we talk with Hannah about how she discovered Novo Connections, her experience with travel agencies in the past, and look into her current contract. Finally, we wrap up by asking Hannah about her perspective for those looking to pursue the career path of a traveling dietitian.

How did you discover Novo Connections?

I saw an available position on Indeed.

What sets Novo Connections apart from other healthcare travel agencies you may have worked with in the past?

I haven’t worked for any other travel agencies. However, I’ve heard from friends working with others that they weren’t as organized about getting documents processed in time (causing them to miss work) or had their paychecks come late. Novo has wonderful recruiters who are there to help you find contract jobs, get onboarded, and answer any questions throughout your contract job. I felt my recruiter, Abigail Haskell, was so easy to communicate with, organized, and helpful – she made the process of getting hired/onboarded to my new facility a breeze! I also never had any issues with getting my paychecks on time.

Can you share your impressions of the facility you are currently contracted with? 

I worked a contract of 13 weeks with Christus Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler from 2/2023 to 5/2023. After my first contract, I decided I wanted to transition to working full-time at that facility. Working a contract position there gave me the opportunity to see if I liked the facility and dietitian team there before signing on as full-time – this facility has been my favorite clinical experience as well as the best dietitian team I’ve worked with!

What support and resources have you found most helpful from Novo Connections when preparing for and during your assignments?

Novo provides a generous travel stipend along with the paycheck – this travel stipend always covered more than I needed for my living expenses for a reasonable housing location. I was also given some ideas for places to stay by my recruiter prior to starting my job. Novo connected me with the RDs at the facility I was to work at so I could ask any questions about the new job before starting.

What advice or insights would you offer to other dietitians considering the route of travel?

Novo Connections is a wonderful travel company to work for if you’re considering travel! If you want to experience different locations/cities, have flexibility with working 13-week contracts, and a higher pay, this could be a great opportunity for you! Utilize your Novo recruiter for any questions you may have. Also, long-term Air BnB can be a great option for housing depending on the city you’re in. Be open to meeting new people/coworkers, learning new protocols, and helping wherever the facility may need it if it's within your comfort level – it’s a great experience for your resume!