3 Tips for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

Traveling Healthcare

3 Tips for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

You are probably feeling a rush of emotions as you have signed your first travel contract and are ready to begin a new life as a traveling healthcare professional. This can be such a stressful, overwhelming, and difficult time to navigate the preparations needed to begin your life on the road. But do not worry, we have some key tips to relax the process and find out how to efficiently and effectively navigate your new beginnings as a travel professional!

Tip #1: Indulge in New Experiences

As a first-time traveling professional you probably aren’t adjusted to settling in a new area with no friends, a new home, and uncertainty about what your contract location has to offer. During your time as a travel worker, this is an opportunity for you to become comfortable with seeking out the unknown, trying new things, and becoming an adaptable human being. All three of these character developments can translate to life outside the hospital as well. This is why we encourage you to go out of your way to try new things! Whether it’s walking over to a new local coffee shop in the morning, sitting down at a mom-and-pop restaurant at night, or exploring hiking trails 30 minutes away, it is important to step outside your comfort zone and embrace what your new city has to offer. 

Tip #2: Seek Out Social Opportunities

Living in a new city with no known social contacts can be tough on our mental health and often leave us feeling isolated. If there are new travelers that you have not had the pleasure of meeting in your hospital, make an attempt to befriend them! Ask each other to go grab food or perhaps seek out a new local attraction that neither of you has tried before. The both of you can likely connect about the trials and tribulations of being a traveling healthcare worker all while learning from each other’s travel experiences. 

If you don’t connect or meet other travel personnel in your hospital, we suggest trying out a local workout, yoga, or art class. Or rather something that is more in tune with your interests. Oftentimes, you can find lots of friendly people eager to meet like-minded individuals in these environments which can help promote social opportunities during your current or next travel assignment!

Tip #3: There is Always an End in Sight

There are many times when scary opportunities have transformed into memorable experiences. You may never know what unexpected circumstances may arise or who you might meet and change your life along the way. But remember, if at any time you continue to feel uncomfortable or uneasy during your assignment, just know that there is an end in sight! Working at a new facility and living in a new region can be a bit of a culture shock. Not everyone is comfortable with being in an unfamiliar place. We suggest connecting with your agency recruiter to answer any questions that you may have. At Novo Connections we pride ourselves on being there for our healthcare clients to provide a friendly ear or assistance with your travel goals. Your next contract can always be closer to home or in an area that is more suitable for your personality and interests. 

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