Novo Connections Relaunches Their Brand Alongside Steady Growth & Expanded Services

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Novo Connections Relaunches Their Brand Alongside Steady Growth & Expanded Services

Novo Connections, a national healthcare staffing firm, is excited to announce their official rebranding as the company continues to grow their staffing footprint and service offerings. From their Midwestern roots and dietitian focus, the company is now connecting clinicians with healthcare facilities across disciplines in the United States.

The company’s origin includes starting out as Dietitian Pros, founded by Daniel White who saw an opportunity to use his industry knowledge and values-centric philosophy to help his peers find fulfilling work. With each success, the company saw the room to expand their best-in-class staffing expertise to benefit nurses and allied health professionals. With this change, the founder decided to rebrand the organization as Novo Connections and cement their reputation for building relationships that lead to rewarding opportunities.

Staying true to the vision to enable healthcare professionals to live more fulfilling lives through rewarding career opportunities, Novo Connections is now focused on growing their presence online and across regions nationwide. Recruiter team members dedicate their efforts to empowering nurses, dietitians, and allied health professionals to find work engagements that align with their career goals.

As the business expanded, the company wanted clearer messaging and a website that better reflects their brand, organization values, and additional service offerings. The new site launching today showcases a fresh, inviting design that streamlines its guiding message principles and facilitates user-friendly interactions that simplify the search process for both clinicians and hiring managers alike. Additionally, Novo Connections has grown their team to expand their reach and ability to provide consultative staffing services to the healthcare industry.
Both clinicians and care facilities are now able to find solutions to their unique career development challenges and staffing needs. Clinicians can navigate open jobs with ease and learn about how Novo Connections can help them find rewarding career opportunities. Care facilities can request help finding clinicians as well as learn about the differences the right healthcare staffing partner provides.

From start to finish, Novo Connections’ talent acquisition approach yields positive user experiences through a seamless job search and hiring process, and the new brand and website are significant pieces of that journey.

“We are excited to share our new website with our clients, clinicians, and employees,” commented Daniel White, President & CEO. “At Novo Connections, our vision is to enable healthcare professionals to live life to the fullest while investing in the success of the clinicians and care facilities who trust us. By creating a more intuitive web experience and building our team, we’ll be able to further create a consistent and accommodating process that helps both sides of the healthcare industry do what they do best – leaving the rest to us.”

About Novo Connections
Novo Connections is a healthcare staffing firm that serves both clinicians looking for their next career step and care facilities searching for reliable talent. Their company’s consultative approach allows their team to build personable relationships while delivering timely solutions and opportunities.