• Novo Connections provides class-leading staffing services to a variety of healthcare settings across the United States. We hire and recruit nurses, therapists, and dietitians to serve in temporary/ full-time contract positions.

    Total compensation package: $2,968 weekly!

    Registered Nurse- CVPICU
    Contract assignment: 13 weeks
    Location: Miami, FL
    Start: 2/13/2023
    Schedule: Days 4×12
    Setting: Hospital
    Compensation: $2,968 weekly

License: FL
Required to be willing to take on COVID patients
Covid Vaccination required

I'm available any time to answer questions, just use the contact info below: 

Rudy Pean
Healthcare Recruiter
Refer someone and earn $500!
Website: www.novoconnections.com
Email: rpean@novoconnections.com
Office: 331. 268.9905
Mobile: 331.200.1962

Keywords: Registered Nurse, RN, , Days, Miami, FL, Travel Contract, Hospital 

Our company mission is to bring people together in search for rewarding healthcare career opportunities. Whether you are a nurse looking for local job opportunities, a therapy professional seeking new travel adventures, or a dietitian in search of consulting opportunities, you have come to the right place. You can count on us to be your partner on your healthcare career journey. 

We commit to improving the lives of healthcare professionals while providing class-leading staffing services to healthcare facilities across the United States. We accomplish this by embracing a blend of six values: Clinical excellence, professionalism, service, independence, abundance, and vitality.

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